First proof of a logo/illustration for a new client, based on his concept.

First proof of a new Love it to Death Apparel event poster.


New Wave Gum Cards pack

It’s both crazy and hilarious when you find your work presented a) without credit of any kind, and b) as a product that actually existed, instead of something that you did because you were bored* that you only kind of wish was real.

*Almost exactly two years ago

First proof of the completed poster promoting upcoming jessethorn appearances in the Pacfic Northwest.

I have to admit to being happier with this than I usually am about such things.

Quick, faux-vintage poster done as a favor for some librarian. 

Quick poster for a cool-kids event at the library.

Illustration for a gig poster project I’m working on. More to follow.

Quick illustration for Chicago Parent Magazine about a little girl meeting a cave full of bats.

Logo concepts for an upcoming summer promotion at the library.

First proof of some robot illustrations for the Library’s upcoming Summer Reading Program.

Two more logo concepts for Metropolis’ next theatrical season.

First logo concepts for a show in Metropolis Performing Arts Centre’s 2014-2015 season.¬†

First proof of a poster advertising the annual battle of the bands for Oak Park teens.

Banner ad for the library’s 20s - 30s reading group.

Initial Logo concepts for a professional librarian group in Chicago.