Illustration advertising a children’s art contest in Chicago.

Another logo concept for the Discovery Kits in the Oak Park Public Library’s Children’s Department.

Initial logo concepts for the Oak Park Public Library’s Discovery Kits for kids. 

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Quick poster for an event in the Oak Park Public Library’s Idea Box, a creative, interactive space.

Final logo for the Michigan band Choke Chains, featuring former members of the Dirtbombs, Bantam Rooster, and the Chinese Millionaires. 

Logo concepts for the latest band from some of my rock and roll scumbag friends back in Michigan.

Quick illustration for Chicago Parent Magazine, about the horror of a teenager without an internet connection.

Proof of an invitation for a local librarian group’s anniversary cocktail party.

My latest design for Love it To Death.


New for Summer! Nothing goes together like global conspiracies and sunshine. 

Available here.

Another quick illustration for the library.

Another quick poster for the library’s Children’s Department.

Quick illustration for Chicago Parent Magazine about the heartbreaking/heartbreaking dumb things kids say.

Digging through my archives. (circa January, 2002)

Quick library poster for the children’s department.

Illustration/Design for the “cover” of my annual mix of music for sunny days and open car windows. Click through for a download if you’re so inclined.

Here’s a track list, if such things are important to you:

  1. Chapter I, Verse I
  2. Cheap Trick: Hello There
  3. Sweet Apple: Boys in Her Fanclub 
  4. Redd Kross : Stay Away from Downtown
  5. Gentleman Jesse: Put Your Hands Together
  6. Nikki & The Corvettes: Summertime Fun
  7. Teenage Head: Picture My Face
  8. Mud: Dyna-Mite

  9. Chapter II, Verse I 
  10. Rocket From The Crypt: Made For You
  11. DMZ: Don’t Jump Me Mother
  12. Randoms: Let’s Get Rid Of New York
  13. Sham 69: Borstal Breakout
  14. The Undertones: Smarter Than You
  15. The Boys: Tenement Kids
  16. The Rezillos: I can’t stand my baby
  17. Bikini Kill: Reject All American
  18. Ausmuteants: Kicked In the Head By a Horse
  19. Wire: Just Don’t Care

  20. Chapter III, Verse I
  21. The Masonics: He’s An Animal
  22. The Daggermen: One More Letter
  23. Wild Billy Childish & The MBE’s: Back Amonst The Medway Losers
  24. The Len Price 3: Man Who Used to Be
  25. Nomads: She Pays The Rent
  26. Them: I Can Only Give You Everything
  27. The Eyes: I’m Rowed Out
  28. The Chocolate Watchband: Let’s Talk About Girls
  29. Lime Spiders: Weirdo Libido
  30. Nobunny: Rotten Sweet Tooth
  31. Scientists: Frantic Romantic
  32. Little Murders: Things will be Different
  33. Hoodoo Gurus: (Let’s All) Turn On